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P R O T E C T I O N · T E C H N O L O G Y

The anti-riot body armor is specially designed according to human engineering for riot control purpose more than 85% of body can be protected. The suit is combined with differently shaped pattern bricks. 

Vision and Mission

Company Vision:

As a leading manufacturer in the production of protection technology defense equipment in the Asian region that innovates contemporary and leads to increased product quality.

Company Mission:

Synergize in Indonesia national development by creating a sovereign and established protection technology defense equipment industry product through quality modern production process​.

President Director


Is a professional producer of defense technology protection equipment, such as body armor, helmet, and ballistic equipment.
We are committed to providing the highest quality products at competitive prices.
Our products are widely used by the military and police forces.
Our mission is to make sure that the protection of national security is maintained.

My revision

Founded as a privately owned enterprise in 1998
by Mr. Shen Jui Liang
PT. TOP TORCH INTERNATIONAL started off as a humble shoe manufacturing factory in Bandung, Indonesia.
We have since flourished and now also include productions of certified and quality-guaranteed personnel gear used in defense and Police Industries.
We employ hi-tech manufacturing standards and are fully committed to each and every one of our clients in order to provide the best quality of both goods and service.