Tatical Bulletproof Helmet

MICH tactical helmet is produced using extremely dense aramid ballistic material to comply with level III-A ballistic performance.


Tatical Bulletproof Helmet

Material: Kevlar/ Aramid fiber / Tac-Tex

Protection level: NIJ IIIA, standard 0106.01


Tatical Bulletproof Helmet :

Full protection for head with excellent performance.Provides impact attenuation. 

Improved stability and comfort utilizing a 4 point fully adjustable retention system. 

Chinstrap and retention can withstand 115 lb tension loading and is designed and approved for parachute operations. 

*Optionally equipped with night vision shroud and side rails allowing to attach additional devices.

Protection area: 0.14m2

Size: M / L / XL

Weight: 1400g ~ 1500g